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The Central Detective Training Institute, Chandigarh was set up in 1973. There are five CDTI’s in India located at Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Kolkata Jaipur and Ghaziabad functioning under Bureau of Police Research & Development, Ministry of Home Affairs. The objective of the CDTI is to provide training to inservice police personal upto the rank of Dy. Ss.P.

Among the several courses run by the institution, the course of the longest duration (10 weeks) is Advanced Cource on Investigation & Detection of Crimes for the police personal of the ranks of Sub Inspectors and Inspectors having minimum 5 years experience in their respective fields. In this course the police personnel are trained on various aspects of Scientific Aids to Investigation as well as Law & Procedure and professional knowledge. The syllabus of the course is chalked out by BRP&D and is upgraded regularly to make it more relevant and topical.

Director’s Message

Rani Bindu Sachdeva IPS

Director, CDTI, Chandigarh

It’s a matter of great pleasure that Central Detective Training Institute Chandigarh has now its own website. The website will carry information about the activities carried out in the institution. CDTI Chandigarh has organized 48 Courses in year 2021-22 on different subject and would be organizing 52 training courses in the year 2022-23. I am sure that the information uploaded on the website will benefit the Law Enforcement Agencies in keeping themselves update about the training calendar of CDTI, Chandigarh. It is my humble appeal to the State Police Organizations and the Central Police Organizations to fully utilize the seats by nominating the suitable police officers.

The valued feedback of the State Police Organizations and the Central Police Organizations is solicited to further improve upon the contents of the Website and the courses conducted at CDTI, Chandigarh.

  • Awareness about Mobile Forensic & its utility in Investigation from 20.06.22 to 24.06.22
  • Webinar of Wild life crimes & trade across the borders for CPOs (As part of Azaadi ka Amrit Mahotsav) on 23.06.22
  • DSI Course on Advanced technology in Forensic science from 27.06.22 to 08.07.22
  • Online Course on Investigation of Organised Crime. 04.07.22 to 08.07.22
  • Integrated course on Scientific Aids to Investigation & Analysis of Scientific Evidence for Judicial Officers. Prosecutors & police officers, 11.07.22 to 15.07.22
  • Webinar on ‘Cyber Vulnerabilities’ for Judicial Officers & Prosecutors (As a part of Azaadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav). 13.7.22
  • DSI Course on AntiHuman Trafficking. 18.07.22 to 22.07.22
  • Course on Investigation of Organised Crime 25.07.22 to 29.07.22
  • Webinar on ‘Safe Use of Social Media Platform & Payment Gateways and Wallets’ for police officers. (As a part of Azaadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav). 27.7.22
  • Investigators training programme on Women Safety 01.08.22 to 05.08.22
  • Investigation of Organized Cyber Crime Cases 08.08.22 to 12.08.22
  • Webinar on ‘Cyber Awareness about safe use of smart devices and cyber security’ for Administrative officers (As a part of Azaadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav). 10.8.22
  • . Course on ‘Skill Development & work Life Balance’ 22.08.22 to 26.08.22
  • Investigation of Financial Frauds on digital platform and Internet Banking. 29.08.22 to 02.09.22
  • Course on Gender Sensitization and Rights of Transgender & Marginal Groups. 05.09.22 to 09.09.22
  • Short duration Integrated course for Police officers, Wildlife officers & Forest officers on Investigation of Wild Life Offences. 12.09.22 to 16.09.22
  • DSI Course on Investigation of Cyber Crime Cases. s 19.09.22 to 30.09.22
  • Online Short duration course on Investigation Abroad 21.09.22 to 23.09.22
  • Webinar on ‘Forensics Aids to Investigation in collaboration with CFSL’ for Judicial Officers, Prosecutors & police officers. 27.9.22
  • Collection & Preservation of Digital Evidence 03.10.22 to 07.10.22 A
  • DSI Investigation of Murder/Homicide Cases. 10.10.22 to 14.10.22
  • Mobile Forensics 17.10.22 to 21.10.22
  • Webinar on ‘Cyber Crime Awareness & emerging trends’ for police officers 19.10.22
  • Short duration course on Use of Videography/ Photography of Scene of Crime. 26.10.22 to 28.10.22
  • Course on ‘Capacity building for Women Police Officers’. 31.10.22 to 04.11.22
  • . 03 days’ eITEC online course on ‘Scientific & Forensic aids to Investigation’ for Sudan Police Forces 01.11.22 to 03.11.22
  • Course on Investigation of NDPS Cases. 07.11.22 to 11.11.22
  • Investigation of Cyber Crime Cases & use of dark web and crypto currency. 14.11.22 to 18.11.22
  • Investigation of Crime against Children (NCPCR) & Women 21.11.22 to 25.11.22
  • Webinar on ‘Ethical Values for effective police working’ for police officers 23.11.22
  • DSI Course on Investigation of Economic Crime Cases. 28.11.22 to 09.12.22
  • Online 03 days’ Cyber Crime Awareness Training programme for Police Officers on 06.12.22 to 08.12.22

Online Investigators training on Women Safety (03.01.22 to 07.01.22)

Online short duration course on Investigation of Economic Crime cases (11.01.22 to 13.01.22)

Investigation of Financial fraud & Money laundering crimes (Exclusively for Russian Police Officers) (17.01.22 to 21.01.22)

Webinar on “Appreciation of Digital evidence in vigilance enquires and cases” (28.01.22)

Investigation of Cyber crime cases (01.02.22 to 03.02.22)

Gender Sensitization (NCW Course) (07.02.21 to 11.02.21)

Prosecutors training on Women Safety (14.02.22 to 18.02.22)

Investigation of Organized crime cases (22.02.22 to 24.02.22)

Webinar on Awareness about cyber space, safe use of social media / online wallets & appreciation of digital data in office working (25.02.22)

Investigation of Rape cases (01.03.22 to 03.03.22)

Investigator training on Women safety (07.03.22 to 11.03.22)

Investigation of Financial frauds & Money laundering crimes (14.03.22 to 16.03.22)

Cyber surveillance for Handling cross border crimes (for CPOs ) (22.03.22 to 24.03.22)

Cyber crime awareness program for Police Officers 28.03.22 to (30.03.22)

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