The Central Detective Training Institute, Chandigarh was set up in 1973. There are five CDTI’s in India located at Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Kolkata Jaipur and Ghaziabad functioning under Bureau of Police Research & Development, Ministry of Home Affairs. The objective of the CDTI is to provide training to inservice police personal upto the rank of Dy. Ss.P.

Among the several courses run by the institution, the course of the longest duration (10 weeks) is Advanced Cource on Investigation & Detection of Crimes for the police personal of the ranks of Sub Inspectors and Inspectors having minimum 5 years experience in their respective fields. In this course the police personnel are trained on various aspects of Scientific Aids to Investigation as well as Law & Procedure and professional knowledge. The syllabus of the course is chalked out by BRP&D and is upgraded regularly to make it more relevant and topical.

The purpose of imparting the aforesaid training is to help investigators in acquiring latest knowledge and awareness of scientific techniques of investigation and latest developments in the Forensic fields. It is the constant endeavor of CDTI and its parent department, i.e., BRP&D to continuously improve upon the course contents and make the training course interesting and trainee friendly.

The Officers drawn from Northern Parts of the country and SAARC countries attend various courses at CDTI, Chandigarh. From 2018 onwards CDTI, Chandigarh is also conducting courses for the Judicial Officers and Prosecutors on different subjects.