Conference / Seminar Halls

  • CDTI is having a spacious well equipped conference hall and a Seminar Hall with Audio-video and Video-conferencing facilities and conducting role plays etc.

Cyber Crime Lab

  • CDTI is having a modernized Cyber Crime Lab with exclusive work-stations having 25 computers; all connected with Internet.
  • Cyber Crime Lab is also having Cellphone and Computer Acquisition/Examination Tools for training/live demonstration purpose.

Crime Scene Simulation

Practical Training / Simulation Exercises

  • Development of Finger Prints.
  • Development of Foot Impressions.
  • Handling of Electronic/Digital Scene of Crime.
  • Observation.
  • Portrait Parle.
  • Crime Scene on murder with rape.
  • Handling, Labelling & Packing.
  • Photography.
  • Plan Drawing.
  • Crime scene on murder with burglary.
  • Crime scene on low and high explosives and unexploded explosive devices.
  • Interview/Interrogation Techniques.
  • Demonstration of sophisticated I.O. Kits.


Library Facility

  • A centralized library for CDTI/CFSL has been set up in the ground floor of CDTI.
  • Majority of books is of Forensic Science/Police related matters which are of immense value to the Scientists, trainees and faculty members.
  • CFIs Complex centralized library is holding total 8195 books out of which 4285 belong to CFSL and 3910 to CDTI.
  • The library is subscribing to 20 magazines, 6 journals and 15 newspapers.


Indoor / Outdoor Games


  • CDTI, Chandigarh has well furnished hostel accommodation within the campus itself.